Former US President Donald Trump says FBI agents have raided his home, in what's believed to be an investigation into Mr Trump's handling of classified information. USSC Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe tells ABC radio's PM the authorities believe that Trump has documents that do not belong to him, but belong to the American people.

"There has been nothing in the reporting showing that this is related to January 6 and insurrection and documents relating to that. It's based on the proper disposition of the proper records of the President of the United States that are owned by the American people and curated and held by the government for official purposes," Mr Wolpe said.

"However to Donald Trump supporters and to Donald Trump this is the deep state persecuting him, and he's rallying his support around that and he can use that to his advantage.

"Among the larger population who follow politics this is just another issue in which Trump's reputation, his reliability, his character, is under severe examination.

"I think there is an cumulated effect flowing out of the January 6 h earings and events like this in which people are saying 'no matter how you feel about Trump it's time to move to the future and not dwell on the past'.