As 2019 begins, the American economy is in an enviable position, but its government is shut down. President Trump continues to have the strong backing of his party, but the outcome of the Mueller investigation and a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives threatens to upend that support, as well as his legislative agenda.

Experts from the United States Studies Centre gave a briefing on what's sure to be a frenetic year ahead in US politics: What will be the priorities for the Trump administration in 2019 and what will be the impact on international allies and business? Who will lead the Democratic pack in the race for the White House in 2020? What can we expect from the recently confirmed US ambassador to Australia? Our expert panellists offer their perspectives on what to expect this year in US politics, foreign policy, technology, and trade.

The panel discussion was moderated by The Wall Street Journal's Australia/New Zealand Bureau Chief David Winning and featured USSC Senior fellow and former advisor to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr Charles Edel; Director of the USSC Trade & Investment Program DrStephen Kirchner; Director of the USSC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Claire McFarland; and non-resident senior fellow Dr Elsina Wainwright, AM.