USSC's Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe writes in Ticker News that midterm elections are a referendum on the president, and this year is no different. He writes that President Biden's future is on the line no less than the control of Congress.

"Biden had slumped to the mid-30s in approval.  Republicans seemed in easy reach of matching the average historical benchmark of gaining 26 seats from the president’s party in these midterms – and taking the Senate too. 

But momentum shifted in August to the Democrats.  Women across the country are furious about what the Supreme Court did to their reproductive health rights – with the Republican Party all-in with the Court. 

[...] As many as two thirds of American believe that their democracy is on the brink, and they are worried about it. Together with an extremist Supreme Court that has repealed fundamental rights for women, this makes Trump-supported Republican candidates – especially in the Senate – vulnerable."