2021 marked 70 years since the ANZUS Treaty was signed in San Francisco. It was the first major international treaty Australia entered independent of the British government.

The US-Australia alliance — and the deep, long-standing channels of trust and cooperation it has fostered between Australia and the United States — are being tasked with more issues and with more urgency than at any point in the 70-year history of the alliance.

To mark not just the milestone of the formal alliance reaching 70 years, but that the US-Australia alliance is critical in meeting Australia’s great strategic and security challenges of today and the foreseeable future, the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney hosted an Alliance Dinner in Canberra.

Remarks from President Joe Biden, shared by National Security Council Indo-Pacific Affairs Coordinator Kurt Campbell

Remarks from Australian Prime Minister the Honourable Scott Morrison MP

Remarks from Leader of the Opposition The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Remarks from His Excellency, the Honourable Ambassador Arthur Sinodinos AO

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