Technology and Security (TS) podcast

Technology and Security (TS) podcast

Technology and Security (TS) explores the intersections of emerging technologies and security. It is hosted by Dr Miah Hammond-Errey, the inaugural director of the Emerging Technology program at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Experts in technology and security join us to discuss pressing issues, policy debates, international developments, and share leadership and career advice.

Episode 1: Emerging technologies and signals intelligence with the ASD's Jessica Hunter

In this episode, Jessica Hunter from the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) joins Dr Miah Hammond-Errey to talk about emerging technologies and signals intelligence. They cover ASD’s role in Australian intelligence, REDSPICE, offensive and defensive operations and the Russia–Ukraine conflict, technology as statecraft and cybercrime. They also discuss alliances, the security of everyday technology, the Optus and Medibank hacks, international standards, and the value of creativity and vulnerability for leadership in intelligence.

Episode 2: Quantum developments, data localisation and ethics in AI with Google's Alex Lynch

In this episode, Alex Lynch from Google Australia’s Public Policy team, joins Dr Miah Hammond-Errey to discuss emerging technologies, quantum, Australia’s role and much more. They cover Google’s recent quantum announcement on error correction and Australia’s significant role in quantum research, data localisation, ethics in AI — including Google’s approach — and strategic decoupling. They also talk about the complexity and security of Google’s global infrastructure, data breaches and what it is that should not be automated.

The podcast is part of the Emerging Technology program at the USSC, a leading research institute in Australia, shaping policy, debate and ideas by deepening the understanding of, and strengthening Australia's relationship with the United States. Analysis of America. Insight for Australia. Solutions for the Alliance.