As the January 6 House Committee wound up its first season of public hearings, USSC's Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe tells ABC's Afternoon Briefing that former-President Donald Trump ignored advice to try to stop to the violent protest, and is now paying the price in the eyes of many Americans.

"He was implored by his staff, by his family, by his associates, by members of Congress to please call off the mob and this vicious attack on the citadel of democracy, the Congress of the United States, and he refused to do it until it was clear the tide of battle had changed," Mr Wolpe said.

"And it's important to remember these were not Democrats saying to stop it. These were Republicans. Every witness today, every video clip, every security official, was a Republican. They were imploring to him to 'stop this madness'.

"He (Trump) refused and is now paying a big price in perceptions and standings as a result of this assault on America's democracy."