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Tom Corben

On 2-4 June, more than 550 delegates from across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and beyond will convene in Singapore for the 20th International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual...

1 June 2023
Peter Dean, Hayley Channer

The Defence Strategic Review called for a broad approach to national security that requires not just a whole-of-government approach, but a whole-of-nation effort too. This has been enthusiastically embraced by the Albanese government...

30 May 2023
Jared Mondschein

Congress appears to be on the cusp of passing legislation that would not only avoid an unprecedented US government default – and economic catastrophe – but also provide some much-needed political stability in...

29 May 2023
Victoria Cooper

With the long-awaited and awkward crash landing of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential announcement, we stare down a whole new series of questions about what could happen before next November. Is DeSantis a...

29 May 2023
Tom Corben, Alice Nason

The Quad leaders’ meeting was meant to take place in Sydney today, with the Sydney Opera House as the picturesque setting. Instead, US President Joe Biden has rushed back to Washington from the...

25 May 2023
Hayley Channer

Last weekend the Group of Seven advanced economies called out China’s use of economic coercion in its joint statement. It was an important development because it demonstrates the extent of China’s overreach and...

25 May 2023
Lachlan Carey

While not the high-profile event on the shores of Sydney Harbour that Prime Minister Albanese was undoubtedly hoping for, the images of him and President Biden congratulating one another for ‘the Australia-United States...

25 May 2023
Stephen Loosley

It was Michigan Republican senator Arthur Vandenberg who, in 1948, signalled his party’s shift from its pre-war isolationism to its post-war internationalism. Vandenberg put it succinctly and timelessly: “We must stop partisan politics...

23 May 2023
Lavina Lee

As the curtain falls on the G7 meeting in Hiroshima, the world’s seven most industrialised countries have sent both Russia and China a clear message of their solidarity and resolve, not only regarding...

23 May 2023
Blake Herzinger

Next week’s long-awaited Quad summit was canceled after President Biden’s administration announced that he would be cutting short his trip to the Indo-Pacific. The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or more popularly, the Quad, is...

19 May 2023
Alice Nason

The eagerly anticipated Quad Leaders’ Summit scheduled for Sydney next week will not go ahead following the announcement that President Biden has postponed his trips to Australia and Papua New Guinea to deal...

19 May 2023
Tom Corben, Miah Hammond-Errey

Controlling the spread of sensitive technologies has served American interests well up until now.

Export controls have helped the U.S. to protect its national security by regulating access to advanced military items while...

18 May 2023
Tom Corben, William Greenwalt

In September 2021, the leaders of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States announced the AUKUS enhanced trilateral security partnership. Building on the three countries’ history of “diplomatic, security, and defense cooperation...

17 May 2023
Stephen Loosley

In 1962, US President John F. Kennedy reviewed the Atlantic Fleet as it passed before him on the cruiser USS Northampton.

It was the height of the First Cold War.

As this panoply...

12 May 2023
Lachlan Carey

Though it hasn’t made the headlines, Labor’s first complete budget in nearly 10 years includes “Australia’s plan to become a renewable energy superpower.” It’s striking language pulled straight from the pages of one...

12 May 2023
Bruce Wolpe

At the outset of his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump famously said, “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters.” Today, after being found liable in a civil suit...

10 May 2023
Stephen Loosley

There is no known signed copy of the wartime Atlantic Charter negotiated in 1941 between US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill.

Churchill joked that FDR claimed to have...

4 May 2023
Blake Herzinger

The Yoon administration is prioritizing South Korea’s world-class defence production capabilities as a cornerstone of the nation’s economy, with the goal of positioning Seoul as the fourth-largest global arms exporter. While this endeavour...

27 April 2023
Michael J. Green

The government’s new Defence Strategic Review has been rightly considered the greatest shift in Australian national security thinking since the Paul Dibb review in the 1980s. This time, however, the strategic environment is...

26 April 2023
Miah Hammond-Errey

The Pentagon leaks have presented a major challenge to the US intelligence community. The leaks contain two tranches of classified documents including operational briefs from the US Joint Staff. 

The documents began circulating...

26 April 2023