Future Cities Collaborative 2013-2016

The Future Cities Collaborative brought together policy, practice and research to enable city leaders to build great cities.


The Future Cities Collaborative's primary role was to promote sustainable urban development by providing city leaders with thought leadership, new research and policy directions, and collaborative approaches to developing sustainable, productive and liveable cities of the future.

The efforts of the Future Cities Collaborative began in 2013, when the USSC invited local communities in New South Wales to participate in the Future Cities Program, an annual program based on the Mayors’ Institute on City Design conducted in the United States. The Future Cities Program brought city leaders and urban development experts together to create innovative and sustainable urban precincts.

After completing the Future Cities Program, alumni were invited to join the Future Cities Collaborative for ongoing support during the implementation of the strategic urban policy the cities devised during the program.

The Collaborative also produced policy reports, conducted international city exchanges and hosted numerous public events featuring American urban policy experts on key policy areas including urban revitalisation, affordable housing, infrastructure financing, innovation districts, placemaking and smart cities.