The next Australia-United States Ministerial Consultation (AUSMIN) will take place later this month amidst sharpening strategic competition with China and rising concerns about the direction of Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy. This meeting between foreign and defence ministers is a critical opportunity for the Australia-US alliance to embark on more ambitious efforts to uphold a stable, open and prosperous regional order.

Competing for influence within the Indo-Pacific should be at the top of the agenda for this year’s AUSMIN. How can Australia and the US expand regional military posture and deterrence initiatives? What should be done to deepen engagement and partnerships with Southeast Asia? And how might Canberra and Washington work better together to counter economic coercion and pursue new technology partnerships? 

To discuss these issues, the USSC hosted a webinar featuring Non-Resident Fellow Jennifer Jackett, Director of Trade and Investment Stephen Kirchner, Research Fellow Susannah Patton and Director of Foreign Policy and Defence Ashley Townshend, moderated by CEO Simon Jackman.