In April, USSC hosted the Sunnylands Initiative, which brought together more than two dozen thought leaders on democracy from across the Indo-Pacific to advance ideas that strengthen democratic governance in the region. United States Studies Centre CEO Dr Michael Green and Founder and CEO of the Development Intelligence Lab Bridi Rice talk with USSC Director of Research Jared Mondschein about the state of democracy in the region and the distinct differences in Australian and American approaches to supporting the region’s democracies.

What was the significance of holding the Sunnylands Initiative in Australia? How far apart are Australian and American approaches to democracy promotion? What was achieved through this year’s gathering? Mike and Bridi share their perspectives and what’s next after Sunnylands.

The USSC Briefing Room is a podcast from the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. It gives you a seat at the table for a briefing on the latest US news and foreign policy. Co-hosts Mari Koeck, Jared Mondschein and Victoria Cooper talk to experts to cover what you need to know and what's beneath the surface of the news.

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