We are one year out from the 2024 US presidential election. If we ignore the actuarial possibilities or something that completely derails the polling reports we’re seeing, it will be a 2020 repeat of Trump v. Biden. But what are they like behind the scenes? Do their public personas match their private personas? How does this impact their 2024 campaigns?

To discuss this, we interviewed Chief Washington Correspondent for Politico Ryan Lizza and Washington Correspondent for New York Magazine Olivia Nuzzi. Ryan’s reporting on President Obama won the White House Correspondents’ Association Aldo Beckman award and Olivia won the National Magazine award for journalists under 30.

Please note there is one instance of swearing in this episode.

Publications mentioned in the podcast:

My Private Oval Office Press Conference With Donald Trump, Mike Pence, John Kelly, and Mike Pompeo by Olivia Nuzzi

Donald Trump on 2024: ‘I’ve Already Made That Decision’ by Olivia Nuzzi

The Lowy Institute poll 2012: Public opinion and foreign policy by Fergus Hanson

One year from the 2024 US presidential election: The stakes for Australia and the alliance by Jared Mondschein, Victoria Cooper, Samuel Garrett and Ava Kalinauskas

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Produced by Elliott Brennan