USSC Honorary Associate Dr Harry Melkonian breaks down the recent major US Supreme Court decisions from affirmative action to dismantling President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. While most cases may not seem as significant as when the court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, the repercussions of this year's decisions will still have a lasting effect. Ending affirmative action undoes nearly 50 years of precedent. Other decisions will have a direct impact on the 2024 election and the rights of businesses to turn down same-sex clients.

Which cases were decided along ideological lines and which saw crossover? Why was there a different split on the independent state legislature doctrine? How far can the free speech argument for turning down business for same-sex couples be extended after the court’s ruling?

Harry discusses the significant cases with USSC's Director of Engagement and Impact Mari Koeck.

Music by Dan Phillipson, licensed through PremiumBeat