The United States is warning China not to overreact with inflammatory actions in response to the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. USSC CEO, Dr Michael Green, tells ABC radio that Pelosi has a long history of criticising China over its human rights record.

"She is particularly unpopular with the leadership in Beijing, but surprisngly popular with hawkish Republicans and human rights activists ... so this particular record makes her visit more sensitive to Beijing," Dr Green said.

"There is no US policy, nothing in agreement with Beijing that would prevent Nancy Pelosi from going. But it comes at a time before the meeting of the Chinese congress and when China is focussed on its sovereignty.

"China is in the mood these days of proclaiming outrage and threatening retaliation for a lot of things. It's defined by the wolf warrior policy by the government, and by the Global Times and increasingly nationalistic social media and the rest of us must not scare ourselves into backing down.

"You have to remember that China is not going well itself ... the economy is not strong as they go into this Congress so an invasion or attack on Taiwan is extremely risky for China. As long as are not talking about Taiwan's independence from China.

"There is a risk environment but this is not August 1914 and we are not on the brink of a major war."