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Ojasvi Rana

Bachelor of Engineering Hons and Bachelor of Arts

Ojasvi Rana

Ojasvi Rana is a student intern with the Economic Security and Emerging Technology programs at the United States Studies Centre.

Ojasvi is studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering Honours and Bachelor of Arts in Economics as a Dalyell Scholar. In 2023 she completed an academic exchange semester at The University of Pennsylvania, USA, where she worked as a Research Assistant in the Duckworth Lab at Wharton, helping Professor Angela Duckworth and her team with data-driven Positive Psychology research.

Ojasvi is involved in Sydney’s growing start-up ecosystem through her role as President and Vice President of the Sydney University Society of Medical Innovation over the past few years. She managed events like hackathons, workshops and expert panels, connecting students with the industry. Ojasvi received a scholarship to join the Startmate Student Fellowship and also interned with SpeeDx, a cutting-edge molecular diagnostics company.

Ojasvi derives inspiration from many sources and is always up for a creative challenge. She met her idol Economist Steve Levitt, after winning the Social Innovation Challenge at his think tank ‘RISC Centre’ at The University of Chicago. Ojasvi is fascinated by the intersection of Economics and Emerging Technology and is keen to explore that in her research at USSC.