The United States Studies Centre (USSC) at the University of Sydney is pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Director of Emerging Technology Dr Miah Hammond-Errey.

Big Data, Emerging Technologies and Intelligence: National Security Disrupted draws on her extensive experience in intelligence, and ground-breaking interviews with nearly 50 participants in Australia’s National Intelligence Community, to understand how big data and new technologies are changing and challenging Australia’s intelligence community.

Dr Hammond-Errey said “Big data isn't just a buzzword anymore; it's fundamentally altering the landscape of national security. The big data landscape, of data abundance, digital connectivity and ubiquitous technology, is transforming intelligence and disrupting national security.”

Dr Hammond-Errey noted, “This book unveils new power dynamics of the big data landscape and how it is concentrating economic, computational and information power. It asks, who holds the real power in the era of big data, big tech giants or nation states?”

Evolving technology has led to new threats, such as deepfakes, and mainstreamed targeting and surveillance capabilities. To maintain the upper hand, Dr Hammond-Errey argues, these threats cannot be faced by siloed agencies. The book emphasises the value of deepening intelligence collaboration, such as the Five Eyes and creating new alliances to meet these challenges.

Dr Hammond-Errey added, “In the book, I show how the remit of national security is increasing to include more complex and diffuse threats – from climate change to energy security to hybrid warfare. Tackling these requires joining up the parts of government which hold the puzzle pieces and sharing more across the Five Eyes. As the role of intelligence expands, the need for transparency and coordination is amplified.”

Based on extensive interviews and insights from within the Australian National Intelligence Community, Dr Hammond-Errey recommends swift and collective action to ensure the community is match-fit in a world now defined by a big data landscape.

Big Data, Emerging Technologies and Intelligence: National Security Disrupted is now available to purchase from Routledge here.

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