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With polls showing Biden retaining a large lead over President Trump — and anticipation building for the imminent announcement of Biden's running mate — an interview by Axios National Political Reporter and Australian expat Jonathan Swan of President Trump has captured attention around the world. In a recent United States Studies Centre (USSC) webinar, Swan discussed President Trump’s response to coronavirus by saying, “When he realised in, sort of around March 13, this thing was something he couldn’t control by tweet, or he couldn’t control by bullying, executive actions, various other things - this sort of, I wouldn’t call it panic, but anxiety sort of set into the White House.”

In an interview with Sky News yesterday, CEO Simon Jackman addressed growing speculation that the results of the US election might be contested in the courts, a topic which has also come up in USSC webinars with Mia Love and Anna Greenberg.

With just three months to go, the US Studies Centre is focussed on the likely implications of the 2020 US elections for Australia. Next week, the USSC will publish a cross-Centre publication highlighting points of policy divergence and continuity of relevance for Australia, should Trump be re-elected or Biden become the next president of the United States. Sign up for publication alerts here to be notified as soon as it is released.