After six years leading the United States Studies Centre (USSC) at the University of Sydney, Professor Simon Jackman has announced he will leave the Centre in March 2022.

Chairman Mark Baillie said, “The Board wishes to extend its thanks for Simon’s many years of service. The Centre is being left in excellent shape for 2022 and beyond.”

Professor Jackman said, “The agenda of research institutions like the Centre — but also across government, business and higher education — is rapidly growing in scope and strategic significance. In my next role, I will continue to lead the development and pursuit of that agenda as a researcher and scientist in the public square.”

Professor Jackman joined the USSC in April 2016 after a distinguished academic career at Stanford University and the University of Chicago. A fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a fellow and former president of the Society for Political Methodology, Professor Jackman was elected to the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia during his term leading the USSC. Jackman served two terms as a Principal Investigator of the American National Election Studies.

Mark Baillie added, “Simon saw the Centre through two of the most consequential elections in recent US history. He brought new rigour to both the research and academic arms of the Centre. Critically, Simon oversaw a transformation that has made the Centre a pre-eminent voice in the Australia-US bilateral relationship.”

“The Board will undertake an appropriate recruitment process to find a candidate who can continue to build the Centre’s value and influence,” Baillie concluded.

Key achievements

  • Enhanced the Centre's public profile as a well-respected authority on key aspects of the Australia-US relationship
  • Convened high-level events involving then-Vice President Joe Biden, late Senator John McCain, Prime Ministers John Howard and Julia Gillard
  • Broadened the relevance, impact and strategic alignment of the Centre’s research
  • Oversaw record level of students in the Academic Program
  • Strengthened the Centre's financial sustainability
  • Introduced the Centre’s first annual State of the United States (SOTUS) report
  • Expanded the Centre's media profile and voice in the national conversation
  • Led the production of The Alliance at 70 volume, featuring contributions from a former US president and two Australian prime ministers

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