Commercial aviation is critical to national and international trade, transport and economic growth. Demand for capacity is projected to increase about five-fold by 2050 from the 2005 base.

Growth is not possible without mitigating the environmental impact of the additional air traffic by the introduction of energy efficiency and low carbon fuel options.

Thus, the international and Australian aviation industries are engaging with the whole supply chain to secure commercial supply of sustainable jet fuel that is interchangeable with kerosene.

To highlight the most promising near and medium term opportunities for the production of sustainable jet fuel, the Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (AISAF) hosted the Low Carbon Jet Fuel: The Industry Flight Path conference in partnership with AIRSHOW 2013 and the US Studies Centre and its Dow Sustainability Program.

The Conference featured high-level international and industry leaders.


Tuesday, February 26 – Day One

Sustainable Fuels for the Global Aviation Market Session Moderator: Susan Pond AM, Chair AISAF, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability, US Studies Centre

2.00pm – 2.15pm Welcome and Opening Remarks The Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC, Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Technology and Minister for the Aviation Industry, Government of Victoria

2.15pm – 2.35pm Export or Import: Australia at the Crossroads as Sustainable Aviation Fuels Take Off Jim Lane, Editor & Publisher, Biofuels Digest

2.35pm – 2.45pm Rising to the SAF Challenge in Australia: The Qantas View Flyn Van Ewijk, Group Manager, Environment and Sustainable Fuel, Qantas Airways Limited

2.45pm – 2.55pm Accelerating the development & commercialisation of SAF in Australia Robert Boyd, Principal Economic Advisor, Virgin Australia

2.55pm – 3.05pm CAAFI: Achievements to Date & Plans for the Future Rich Altman, Executive Director, CAAFI

3.05pm – 3.15pm Sustainable Aviation Fuels: The Boeing Company Michael Lakeman, Biofuel Strategist, The Boeing Company

3.15pm – 3.25pm AIRBUS and Alternative Fuels for Aviation: A Practical Approach Frederic Eychenne, New Energies Programme Manager, Airbus

Panel Discussion

3.25pm – 4.00pm Audience Q&A

Wednesday, February 27 – Day Two

Scaling Up Feedstock Supply Session Moderator: Susan Pond AM, Chair AISAF, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability, US Studies Centre

9.00am – 9.20am US Experience in Large-Scale Agricultural Production of Biomass for SAF Jeff Steiner, National Program Leader, Biomass Production Systems, USDA

9.20am – 9.30am Australian Feedstock Readiness for Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Victoria Haritos, Stream Leader, Biofuels. Energy Transformed Flagship, CSIRO

9.30am – 9.40am Queensland SAF Initiative (QSAFI) Bob McCarthy, Adjunct Professor, AIBN, University of Queensland

9.40am – 9.50am Techno-Economic Analysis of SAF Production from Pongamia, Sugarcane & Algae Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer, Technoeconomic Analysis, AIBN UQ & JBEI UC

9.50am – 10.00am Biomass Resources and Commercial Potential for SAF Production in Victoria Ian Guss, Manager Biofuels Industry & Regional Development, Victoria

10.00am – 10.10am Pathway to Commercial Production of SAF from Australian Biomass John McGrath, Research Director, Future Farm Industries CRC Ltd

Panel Discussion

10.10am – 10.20am Audience Q&A

Scaling Up Feedstock Conversion to SAF Session Moderator: Andrew Lawson, Managing Director, MBD Energy Limited

10.40am – 11.00am Innovative Use of Industrial Waste Gases to Produce Sustainable Fuels & Chemicals Jennifer Holmgren, CEO LanzaTech

11.00am – 11.10am Ensuring Sustainability. Development of ISO and Australian Standards Heather Brodie, Director Communications, Manildra Group

11.10am – 11.30am Conversion of Existing Refineries into Green Fuels and Chemicals Facilities Anjan Ray, Regional Commercial Director, Renewable Energy and Chemicals, UOP Honeywell India

11.30am – 11.40am Licella’s Path to Commercialisation Steve Rogers, Business Development Manager, Licella

11.40am – 11.50am Mercurius Biofuels – Turning Non-food Biomass into Drop-in Fuels Karl Seck, CEO Mercurius Biofuels

Panel Discussion

11.50am – 12.15pm Audience Q&A

Long Term Financing of Scale-Up Projects Session Moderator: Jim Lane, Editor Biofuels Digest

2.15pm – 2.35pm Australia’s Potential for an SAF Industry Drew Clarke, Secretary of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

2.35pm – 2.50pm US Department of Defense Interests in Biofuels Joelle Simonpietri, Senior Analyst, US Pacific Command Energy Office

2.50pm – 3.05pm International Markets and Financing Opportunities for Biofuels Cindy Thyfault, CEO Westar Trade Resources

3.05pm – 3.20pm The View from the Australian Banking and Finance Sector Blair Pritchard, Head of Alternative Investment Research, Macquarie Group

Panel Discussion

3.20pm – 3.40pm Audience Q&A

Summary & Closing Remarks

3.40pm – 4.00pm Susan Pond AM, Chair AISAF, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability US Studies Centre