No campaign promise, rumour mill or day one executive order is as revelatory of a US president’s strategic intentions than the men and women they trust to guide them. A president’s Cabinet and key policy advisors have the extraordinary power of controlling the day-to-day decisions of the federal government. In essence, ‘personnel is policy’ and, as such, the key players of the Biden administration say a lot about the next four years of American politics.

How does Antony Blinken’s upbringing by refugees inform the Biden administration Middle East policy? Why is John Kerry seemingly the only household name of the president’s many advisors? Which names does Australia need to know?

At this webinar, United States Studies Centre Non-Resident Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe and author of Key players in the Biden administration Research Associate Victoria Cooper, discussed these questions and more with host and USSC Senior Research Fellow Jared Mondschein.

Download Key players at a glance (PDF)