With its transfixing debut season winning over both critics and viewers, HBO’s True Detective cemented its place in television history. Through a combination of gritty narrative, mysterious visual style and revolutionary casting, the show has revitalised the long- standing TV crime genre.

The anthology series is set to return mid-year for a second season that promises a whole new case – and cast – guaranteed to keep viewers guessing.

At this event in Melbourne presented by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the panel discussed the first season of this genre-pushing program, as well as what could be in store for season two.

Featuring Dr Rodney Taveira of the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney, creator and host of the Cherchez la Femme feminist talkshow and director of the Girls On Film festival Karen Pickering, and Associate Professor of Screen Arts at La Trobe University, Terrie Waddell.

Hosted by writer and broadcaster Jess McGuire.