Dr Mike Green, CEO of US Studies Centre, talks to Greg Sheridan at The Australian about how he believes Canberra and Tokyo are growing into much more intimate security partners. He says, "It’s striking how close Japanese and Australian views of China are ... Xi has long argued that this is essentially a bipolar region and the US needs to make compromises to accommodate China’s rising power. What the Albanese/Kishida summit shows is that this is a multi-polar region and Japan and Australia have a major influence on the region."

With the lead-up to the 2022 US Midterms, USSC commissioned polling on public opinion in the United States, Australia and Japan on issues ranging from sentiment toward AUKUS and the stationing of US troops in allied nations to alignment on climate change and priorities for the next US Congress. The report, launching on Oct 26, will present novel findings, documenting and analysing these challenges and their implications for Australia.