One month on from the Capitol Hill riots of 6 January, Donald Trump prepares to face the Senate for his impeachment trial. In an interview on ABC News Weekend Breakfast, Non-Resident Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe discussed Donald Trump reportedly not wanting to show up to the trial.

Mr Wolpe argued Trump doesn't want to be present at the trial as it would "legitimise the proceeding which he believes is unconstitutional".

"That actually will be the main argument of Republican Senators," Mr Wolpe explained, "because of Trump's grip on the Party, they have this dodge of the unconstitutionality of the proceedings."

Whether or not the former President's impeachment is unconstitutional has been a key point of contention leading up to the trial and will form a large part of the argument being made by his defence team.

"At the end of the day, President Trump will likely be acquitted," Mr Wolpe told ABC News.

"We'll see this back and forth but the House managers want to show to the American people the importance of what happened and the lessons that have to be learned coming out of it."