The Seymour Centre, Red Stitch and the US Studies Centre presented Grounde by George Brant.

About the play

She’s an F16 fighter pilot; a rock star of the great big blue above. She loves the sky. And suddenly she is pregnant. Her career in the sky is over. Now, she sits in an air-conditioned trailer in Las Vegas flying remote-controlled drones. Maybe it’s safer this way; maybe it’s better? She can come home to her husband and child. As the pressure to track a high-profile target mounts, the boundaries begin to blur between the desert in which she lives and the one she patrols.

Grounded was nominated for five Victorian Green room awards (best theatre of 2014).

Plus also nominated by the Guardian and The London Standard as one of the top 10 plays of 2013, this acclaimed Red Stitch production from Melbourne arrived in Sydney in May 2015.