The University of Sydney’s Associate Professor Adam Kamradt-Scott has joined the United States Studies Centre (USSC) as a non-resident fellow.

Professor Kamradt-Scott’s research and teaching explores how governments and multilateral organisations cooperate and interact when adverse health events such as disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics occur, as well as how they respond to related emerging security challenges.

CEO Professor Simon Jackman notes, “In the space of a few months, the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the politics and economics of the United States, with many direct and second-order consequences for Australia.

"Professor Kamradt-Scott is Australia’s leading expert on pandemic preparedness and on how governments leverage the military, bureaucrats and multilateral cooperation in responding. Adam will help the US Studies Centre inform Australians as to what the US pandemic response signals about the trajectory of American power and prestige over the balance of this momentous year and beyond."

Professor Adam Kamradt-Scott

Professor Kamradt-Scott's most recent research examines civil-military cooperation in health and humanitarian crises, and the relationship between gender, sexuality, health and security. He recently hosted a USSC webinar, "Nuclear disasters, tsunamis and pandemics: An insider’s guide to how the US government responds to crises", alongside American Rear Admiral Scott Deichtman.

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