US-China relations: What's ahead for Australia?



25 August 2015


Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney

Relations between the United States and China have always been testy, but seem particularly tense in recent years as China grows more powerful and Washington aims to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. This public lecture, co-presented with the China Studies Centre and Sydney Ideas, saw Centre CEO Bates Gill and China Studies Centre director Kerry Brown discuss what's ahead in the region and what it means for Australia.


  • Dr Bates Gill
    Dr Bates Gill
    Professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies, Australian National University

    Bates Gill was CEO of the US Studies Centre from 2012-2015. He is Professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies with the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University. Previously, he was Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), an independent think tank recognised as one of the world’s top ten research institutes in international affairs.