This is not America: A celebration of David Bowie



3 March 2016


United States Studies Centre

This is not America was a celebration of David Bowie with music, videos, and sushi and drinks.

Featuring microtalks on Bowie from:

Special guest Professor Will Brooker live via skype from London on what he learned while living like Bowie for a year Anwen Crawford, writer and music critic reading Tracy K. Smith's Bowie poem 'Don't You Wonder Sometimes?', Dr Rodney Taveira on Bowie, Warhol, and Tarantino Dr Rebecca Sheehan on Bowie’s legacy.

Guests were encouraged to come as their favourite Bowie persona with make-up artists available to apply their Bowie face of choice.

This is not America: A celebration of David Bowie


  • Dr Rebecca Sheehan
    Dr Rebecca Sheehan
    Lecturer in the Sociology of Gender, Macquarie University

    Rebecca Sheehan is Program Director of Gender Studies and Lecturer in the Sociology of Gender at Macquarie University. Sheehan was previously a Lecturer in US History at the US Studies Centre. Her key areas of expertise are US women’s history, feminist history, history of gender and sexuality, history of social movements in the US, and cultural politics, including race, gender, religion and sexuality.

  • Dr Rodney Taveira
    Dr Rodney Taveira
    Honours Coordinator, Undergraduate American Studies Coordinator and Lecturer in American Studies, United States Studies Centre

    Rodney Taveira was awarded his PhD in English from the University of Sydney in 2010 and has published on contemporary American fiction, book reviews, and television, and the interrelation of cinema, photography, painting, and literature. His areas of expertise include American literature, American and European film (silent era to present), US television, comedy in the US, US popular culture, and queer and sexuality studies.