19 August 2011



The aim of TEDxDubbo was to bring attention to FACETS – Food, Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Topsoil and Sustainability. These FACETS are actually potent ideas shared by everyday people with an interest in these disciplines. TEDxDubbo allowed the sharing of these ideas amongst 100+ inspirational thought leaders at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

There were three speakers associated with the US Studies Centre at the conference. Dr Susan Pond, Adjunct Professor in the Dow Sustainability Program at the US Studies Centre. She spoke on the topic "Small Farmers: Enabling Heroes". Professor John Crawford from the University of Sydney's faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources spoke on the topic of "The Complexity Imperative For A Sustainable Food System". Also from the same faculty at the University of Sydney is Ichsani Wheeler, who spoke on the topic: "The Good Carbon Story". Both Crawford and Wheeler have been key participants in the US Studies Centre's Soil Carbon Initiative.


  • Dr Susan Pond, AM

    Susan Pond AM FTSE led the Alternative Transport Fuels Initiative at the US Studies Centre, as part of the Dow Sustainability Program from 2010 to 2015. Pond is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Royal Australian College of Physicians and the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

  • Professor John Crawford
    Chair in Sustainable Agriculture, University of Sydney

    John was a speaker at the Soil Carbon Sequestration Summit co-hosted by the US Studies Centre and the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Sydney in February 2011.

    John was awarded the prestigious Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Sydney in 2008. He...

  • Ichsani Wheeler

    Ichsani Wheeler is a young scientist as well as a mad keen gardener, lover of worms, fungi, and all lowly compostable things. With a succinct soft spot for home made aquaponics systems and soil that smells good enough to eat she has a long standing passion for agriculture, the environment and...

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