Looking ahead: Next steps for the deepening Australia-US alliance in the Asia-Pacific



21 January 2015


The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC



The 2015 Alliance 21 Washington DC conference, Looking Ahead: Next Steps in the Deepening Australia-US alliance in the Asia Pacific, held in partnership with Brookings Institution on 21 January 2015, was hailed a great success by both those taking part and those watching from afar. It was effective in furthering the discussion of the ways in which Australia and the US can continue to work together for peace, prosperity and stability in one of the world’s most rapidly changing regions.

Defence and security was a strong theme this year, with a keynote by Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop emphasising the need for the US and Australia to continue to work together for the sake of peace and stability not only in the Asia Pacific but also across the globe. This was followed by remarks by US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Christine Wormuth. Also speaking on the day, Senior Director for Asian Affairs on the US National Security Council Evan Medeiros told the packed Brookings auditorium that Australia was at the center of US strategy in the Asia Pacific.

In addition to defence and security, expert panels consider the changing strategic environment in the Asia Pacific and economic trends marking the region.

The United States and Australia in Emerging Asia: A Conversation with Senior US and Australian Officials

Evan Medeiros (US) – Senior Director for Asian Affairs, US National Security Council

Andrew Shearer (Aus) – National Security Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

Moderator: Thomas Wright, Director, Project on International Order and Strategy, Brookings Institution

The Strategic Environment: Security and Economic Trends and the US-Australia Relationship in the Asia-Pacific

Jeff Bleich (US) – Former US Ambassador to Australia

Andrew Stoler (Aus) – Former Deputy Director, World Trade Organization

Tom Harley (Aus) – Chairman, Dow Australia

Linda Jakobson (Aus) – Visiting Professor, United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney

Keynote Address by the Honourable Julie Bishop MP, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

Keynote Address by the Honourable Christine Wormuth, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Remarks by Wesley Bush, Chairman, CEO and President, Nurthrup Grumman

Challenges and Opportunities for US-Australia Defense Ties in the Asia-Pacific

Wallace ‘Chip’ Gregson (US) – Assistant Secretary of Defense, Asia and Pacific Security Affairs

Robert Hill AO (Aus) – Former Australian Minister of Defence, Senior Advisor Alliance 21

Lt. Gen. Peter Leahy AC (Ret.) (Aus) – Former Chief of Army

Moderator: Gordon Flake, CEO Perth USAsia Centre at the University of Western Australia

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