Leading from behind: Third time a charm?



25 June 2013


Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney

In his reluctance to brandish America’s global leadership credentials at every turn, President Barack Obama is tapping into an important strain of American history. In a new article in The American Interest, Owen Harries and Tom Switzer argue that it might help Washington learn the wisdom of great power prudence and humility in an increasingly post-American era.

This was a Lowy Institute for International Policy event. 


  • Tom Switzer
    Tom Switzer
    Presenter, ABC Radio National

    Tom Switzer was a senior fellow at the United States Studies Centre until March 2017. He is a presenter on the ABC’s Radio National and a columnist at Fairfax publications.

  • Owen Harries

    Owen Harries is a Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy and editor emeritus of leading Washington-based foreign policy quarterly, The National Interest.