Curiosity season: Micro-talks at the Sydney Film Festival hub



6 June 2015


Sydney Town Hall

US Studies Centre and University of Sydney film experts took centre stage at the Sydney Film Festival in a dedicated Micro-Talk session Upstairs in The Hub. This very popular session featured four leading film academics, each presenting short and informative 15-minute talks followed by a Q&A.

Panelists included:

  • Dr Rodney Taveira on racism and the legacy of Hollywood's first blockbuster, The Birth of A Nation.
  • Dr Bruce Isaacs on the future of film
  • Professor Sahar Amer on Arab cinema
  • Professor Peter Hiscock on the archaeologist as the anti-hero in cinema


  • Dr Rodney Taveira
    Dr Rodney Taveira
    Honours Coordinator, Undergraduate American Studies Coordinator and Lecturer in American Studies, United States Studies Centre

    Rodney Taveira was awarded his PhD in English from the University of Sydney in 2010 and has published on contemporary American fiction, book reviews, and television, and the interrelation of cinema, photography, painting, and literature. His areas of expertise include American literature, American and European film (silent era to present), US television, comedy in the US, US popular culture, and queer and sexuality studies.

  • Dr Bruce Isaacs
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Art History, The University of Sydney

    Bruce Isaacs is a former lecturer at the US Studies Centre. He has a PhD in Film Studies, with a focus on film aesthetics and culture. His research examines a wide range of film studies-related topics, such as histories of film (with a focus on Hollywood), film aesthetics and style, critical approaches to film production, film and popular culture (including the relationship between film and other pop culture art forms such as television, literature and music).