American Cultures Workshop | Professor Andrew Diamond

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20 April 2016


Boardroom, US Studies Centre Institute Building (H03), City Road, University of Sydney


Academic seminar

In this workshop Professor Diamond explored the development of Chicago as the centre of African-American business and a business class in United States. Focusing on the Pre-World War II era, Diamond sheds light on hidden histories of real estate development and business consolidation while complicating often tacit assumptions about a universal black political subjectivity, especially in the pre-Civil Rights Era.


  • Professor Andrew Diamond
    Professor of American History and Civilization, University of Paris-Sorbonne

    Professor Andrew Diamond is Professor of American History and Civilization at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He is the author of Mean Streets: Chicago Youth and the Everyday Struggle for Empowerment in the Multiracial City as well as French language volumes on the 1960s and African American history.


Part of the series

American Cultures Workshop

The American Cultures Workshop unites scholars of disparate disciplinary and methodological backgrounds from across the Asia/Pacific region who share a common research focus on the United States.

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