Internships in Australia

The US Studies Internship program has now finished taking applications for Semester 2, 2021. Applications will open for Semester 1, 2022 in late 2021, with positions available across our research, academic and communications teams.

In addition to real-world experience, students who take on our Internships also receive six elective credit points towards their degree.

The program also provides academic support for students to refine research approaches and discuss questions arising from placement.

Coordinated by academic Pamela Maddock, the Internship Program will be split into four categories:

· Foreign Policy and Defence

· Trade and Investment

· Media, Communications and Engagement

· Research Team

To be eligible to apply, undergraduate students are required to complete (or have proof of commitment to complete) USSC3703: US Studies Internship, while postgraduate students are required to complete (or have proof of commitment to complete) USSC6205: Internship Project in order to be accepted entry into this internship.

Note: cross-institutional study will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are applying from another institution, in addition to the application form you will also need to apply seperately through the cross-institutional admissions process. You can apply for Undergraduate Cross-Institutional study here, and Postgraduate Cross-Institional study here.

If you have any additional questions or enquiries, please contact our Academic and Student Support Officer, Madelyne Cummings on

Want to know more about diverse opportunities available as part of our internship program? Head to our website and meet some of our amazing interns to find out more about their experience and achievements during their time at the USSC.

  • Our interns come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Find out why they undertook an internship at USSC, what they have worked on and what they have learned from the experience.