The first workshop under the Alliance 21 education and innovation theme took place at the Embassy of Australia in Washington DC.

Led by Professor John Daley, CEO, Grattan Institute, the workshop was conducted as a roundtable discussion of the draft papers. Each author produced a paper that will inform the summary paper for the group, to be prepared by the group convenor, John Daley. This paper will contribute to the Alliance 21 Report to be presented to the Commonwealth Government at a final conference in Washington DC in 2014. The authors who attended this workshop were John Daley, Ben Jensen, Andrew Norton, Sean Gallagher, Jonathan West, Alex Tabarrok, Lynn Olson, Paul Peterson, Clive Belfield, Ben Wildavsky and Richard Garrett. The diversity of the group ensured a range of viewpoints were brought to the table and that the overlap within the education and innovation themes was fully explored. This was a unique opportunity to share ideas between school education, higher education and innovation, and to consider the impact of school education and higher education on innovation and productivity.

The final paper will be produced following a conference to be held in Melbourne in March 2013. Leading thinkers from Australia and the US will come to Melbourne to discuss how education and innovation drive economic prosperity.