As we reflect on one year since the AUKUS announcement, it is an opportunity to review the key milestones so far and anticipated timelines ahead. The tripartite agreement has had nearly quarterly significant milestones since its inception, from a Leaders’ Level Summit in April to the recent launch of the Australia-UK submariner training program. However, all eyes are on 2023 when both the Australian Strategic Defence Review and AUKUS submarine plan are expected.

The submarine plan will provide the first concrete insights into actual procurement, costs and timings. According to modelling to date, if the submarines are produced in Adelaide, as has been affirmed by the Australian Government, the likely completion of all eight would be 2067 and the earliest possible delivery would be 2055. As the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Taskforce assesses feasibility and impacts, their recommendations will set the trajectory of the highly anticipated and debated AUKUS submarines.

AUKUS timeline
Source: USSC