As Washington fast approaches the August recess, President Biden is showing no signs of slowing down on his programs and policy agenda, according to Non-Resident Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe.

Despite his consistently strong approval rating and having just surpassed the major milestone of having 70 per cent of Americans receive at least one vaccine dose, Mr Wolpe told Ticker News the waters ahead are choppy as several of Biden's core initiatives try to stay afloat in Congress.

"Pending in Congress right now is his major infrastructure program, plus other initiatives on climate, on education, on social justice[...] He knows he has a lot of work to do to get that through; it won't make or break his presidency, but it will show how far he can go as president," Mr Wolpe explained.

Parts of the infrastructure deal have mustered Republican support, though the bipartisanship has attracted harsh criticism from former president Donald Trump, who continues to hold sway over the Party.

Though Trump is "hardly invincible", Mr Wolpe said, and while he will "not countenance any blame or responsibility for the insurrection at the Capitol," he may yet face the January 6 Commission currently underway, the House committee not ruling out subpoenaing the former president.