Bruce Wolpe, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, appeared in an interview on AusBiz TV, to discuss the state of Joe Biden's presidency as it passes the six month hurdle.

"I grade it as a B+," Mr Wolpe told AusBiz TV.

"Biden feels good six months in, he's addressed his top 2 priorities – getting a handle on the pandemic, [...] and an economy that's coming back," he continued.

At the six-month mark, Biden's average approval rating rests at around 53 per cent; in the public eye, his rate of public approval has remained steady, the needle never falling below or exceeding the 51-55 per cent window.

But there are several areas of vulnerability which President Biden has left exposed, Mr Wolpe explains: On crime, on immigration, on controlling the southern border, in the region with the unrest in Haiti and Cuba, and the future implications of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

"Overall he's very good, but there are a lot of choppy waters ahead for him," says Mr Wolpe.