Once again the US Studies Centre was proud to partner Australia's Silent Film Festival, an annual showcase of classic silent films featuring live music.

This year's films from the US, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and Russia included highly acclaimed stars and directors such as Vidor, Ozu, Clair, Wiene. Boris Barnet, John Gilbert, Chaplin, Keaton and many more.

Art house cinema and all genres were represented with a number of Australian premieres among the treats. There were special features: a rarely seen magic lantern show and some items from the iconic Darnell Collection in the Fashion and the 1920s session.

The Festival was blessed once more with the sublime talents of the internationally celebrated musicians who accompanied these films: Riley Lee playing the Japanese shakuhachi, Sharolyn Kimmorley, Mauro Colombis, Colin Offord, Robert Constable and Maria Okunev.