The United States Studies Centre hosted an afternoon tea for The Australian Political Exchange Council's 25th US Delegation.

The US Delegation was made up of three Democrat Party and three Republican Party State Legislators.

Whilst at the United States Studies Centre the Delegation met with both staff and students from the University of Sydney to discuss Australia's Higher Education System as well as Australia's views on the state of American politics.

Students also had a unique opportunity for small group discussions with the Delegates and were able to discuss a range of topics including the current US Economic Crisis and the 2008 Election Race.

Republican Party delegates: Ms Leslie K. Hafner, Ms Stephanie Kent and Mr Lee Yancey

Democrat Party delegates: Mr Mark V. Falzone, Mr Tony J. Payton Jr., Ms Amy E. Ruble.

During their 12 day Australian visit the US Delegation travelled to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Toowoomba.