The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), partnered with the US Embassy Canberra, the United States Studies Centre, and the Perth USAsia Centre, for an invitation-only conference to discuss the current state and future of the alliance between Australia and the United States.

The conference convened key thinkers from both countries at an important time for the Australia-US alliance. The scope of cooperation between Australia and the United States has never been greater — extending well beyond traditional defence, intelligence, and diplomatic engagement — and the alliance enjoys healthy support among policymakers and the wider public in both countries. Bilateral economic, social, and cultural ties are broad and deep.

Yet the alliance faces growing external and internal challenges. The United States, Australia, and other allies confront rising threats in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and globally from terrorism, financial instability, pandemic diseases, and other transnational challenges. Revisionist powers are seeking to reshape regional security dynamics and carve out spheres of influence, jeopardising the liberal rules-based order that has supported American and Australian security and prosperity for more than half a century.

These trends raise new questions about the future of the alliance in domestic, bilateral, and international contexts that we must address. Keynote speakers included former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard OM AC and former Prime Minister of Australia Paul Keating.

The conference was held under the Chatham House Rule.


  • Dr Shiro Armstrong
  • Dr Nick Bisley
  • James Brown
  • Jackson Buse
  • Dr Danielle Chubb
  • Aaron Connelly
  • Fiona Cunningham
  • Dr James Curran
  • Dr Peter Dean
  • Dr Charles Edel
  • Yaron Fisher
  • Dr Gordon Flake
  • Dr Stephen Fruhling
  • Dr Michael Fullilove
  • Matthe P. Goodman
  • Dr Michael J. Green
  • Geoffrey Hartman
  • Dr Michael C. Horowitz
  • Dr Llewelyn Hughes
  • Dr SImon Jackman
  • Frances Kitt
  • Bruce Klingner
  • Dr Lavina Lee
  • Alex Lewis
  • Jasmin Logg-Scarvell
  • Claire McFarland
  • Dr Rory Medcalf
  • Dr Joshua Meltzer
  • Alex Oliver
  • Dr Andrew Oros
  • Dr Sarah Percy
  • Dougal Robinson
  • Eric Sayers
  • Dr Kori Schake
  • Dr Amy Searight
  • Andrew Shearer
  • Greg Sheridan
  • Georgie Skipper
  • Brendan Taylor
  • Laura Tingle
  • Brendan Thomas-Noone
  • Ashley Townshend
  • Hugh White
  • Thom Woodroofe
  • Dr Thomas Wright
  • Alan Wu

Australia and the United States: An alliance for the 21st century