The ninth issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

Cover Stories:

  • The standoff by Robert W. Merry
  • Persian pride by Ali Ansari
  • The nuclear chimera by William Pfaff
  • War memory by Bruce Riedel

American Opinion:

  • Changing of the guard by Bates Gill
  • Latino dreaming by Richard McGregor
  • The Afghan gamble by Anatol Lieven
  • Out of NATO by Richard C. Longworth
  • Giant tweets by Rory Medcalf
  • Diplomatic balance by Jason Miks

Book Reviews:

  • Visas for prosperity by Martin Morse Wooster
  • Policy-speak by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
  • Australian exotica by Peter Coleman
DownloadAmerican Review Issue 9 | Who's Afraid of Iran?