The third issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

Cover Stories:

  • Hope and luck by Edward Luce
  • The disunited states of America by William Pfaff
  • An innocent abroad by Adam Garfinkle
  • It's the recovery, stupid by Michael Spence
  • Mad Tea Party by Richard M Abrams

American Opinion:

  • A convenient life by John Norquist
  • Downsizing the American Dream by Paul Taylor
  • Iraq's new dawn by Rachel Schneller
  • Breaking up Afghanistan by Iason Athanasiadis
  • Runaway China by Ben Simpfendorfer
  • American wildflower by Jack Miles
  • Advance column by Rory Medcalf
  • Americasia by Jeff Kingston
  • The rest is history by James Fallows

Book Reviews:

  • The big climb by Kathy Hunt
  • Rush Limbaugh and the radical right by Tom Switzer
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