DownloadAmerican Review Issue 15 | End of a Pax Americana

The 15th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

Cover Stories:

  • The silent death of American grand strategy by Adam Garfinkle
  • Put America's house in order by Richard N. Haass
  • The Afghanistan syndrome by Scott Smith
  • Nationalism and the rise of China by Neville Meaney
  • Sinking fast by Mary Kissel

American Opinion:

  • Unhappy fifth anniversary! by Tom Switzer
  • The limits of power by Anatol Lieven
  • Left behind by Richard C. Longworth

Book Reviews:

  • The wisdom of George Kennan by Jacob Heilbrunn
  • A scary frontier by Derek Parker
  • Game change, Part II by Nicole Hemmer
  • A rigorous academic account of the 2012 campaign by Jonathan Bradley