This workshop featured guest speaker Professor Paul Giles of the University of Sydney.

The American Cultures Workshop unites scholars of disparate disciplinary and methodological backgrounds from across the Asia/Pacific region who share a common research focus on the United States. Through a bimonthly workshop that meets every second and fourth Tuesday during the academic year we seek to strengthen an already vibrant and rigorous research community of Americanists at the University of Sydney through establishing close contacts with other across the Pacific region and the world focused on the study of America broadly construed. Beyond the research workshop we hold a series of special events throughout the year including conferences, public lectures, and research roundtables that seek to further strengthen Americanist region in Sydney while providing additional fora for public and scholarly engagement.

The American Cultures Workshop is co-convened by Dr Thomas J. Adams (History and American Studies) and Dr Sarah Gleeson-White (English) along with collaborative workshop faculty Professor Paul Giles (English), Dr Chin Jou (History), Associate Professor Mike McDonnell (History), Associate Professor Brendon O’Connor (American Studies), Dr Jane Park (Gender and Cultural Studies) and Dr David Smith (Government and International Relations and American Studies). The workshop is sponsored by a Faculty Collaborative Research Scheme Grant from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney with matching funds from the US Studies Centre.