The publication of the Alliance 21 report, The Australia-US Partnership marks the completion of three years' research and collaboration at the highest levels of the Australia-US alliance. It sets out clear strategic guideposts for future management of the alliance with a view to strengthening a bilateral relationship which is increasingly global in scope and which has few equals in the world.

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"Like any strategic asset, the alliance requires careful tending," says Chief Executive Officer of the United States Studies Centre, Professor Bates Gill. "The most effective future partnership between Australia and the United States will see even closer ties with a focus on collaboration in Asia. To that end, while defence and securit will always remain a core component, the relationship must encompass even greater engagement across its full spectrum."

Principal recommendations include:

  • Instituting more formal and regular strategic consultations between the Australian Prime Minister and the US President;
  • Giving priority to negotiation and implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership with provision for future inclusion of China, South Korea and Taiwan;
  • Explaining the benefits of the Australia-US defence alliance more clearly and consistently to the Australian and American public; and
  • Australia making a more equitable contribution towards alliance activities, including increases in defence spending and opening facilities to a greater US presence for training and other join activities.