This one-day event, organised by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and its Dow Sustainability Program, took place in the Hall 3 Auditorium within the PACIFIC 2013 Exhibition Hall. During the morning session, representatives of the US Department of the Navy, Royal Australian Navy, and Australian and international shipping and aviation discussed the production of sustainable, high-energy-density liquid fuels for shipping, aviation and heavy logistics vehicles. The afternoon session was an interactive session on how to make the biofuel future happen.

Delegates collectively represented the entire value chain. The dialogue covered feedstock supply and logistics, conversion technologies, co-products, infrastructure, project planning, approvals and execution, financing and investment, strategic partners, government policy, regulation, sustainability and fuel certification.

Presenters included:

  • Andrew Gillespie - Department Of Defence
  • Justin Sinclair - Virgin Australia Group
  • John Valastro - Qantas Airways
  • Brendan Morling - Department of Industry
  • Nicolaj Noes - Maersk Line
  • Jeff Webster - Sapphire Energy Inc.

Watch the presentation by US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus:

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