Dr Troy Lee-Brown

Research Fellow, Defence and Security Institute, University of Western Australia

Troy Lee-Brown is a researcher in regional security, maritime security and international relations with a focus on the Indo-Pacific.
Dr Troy Lee-Brown

Troy is currently the editor of the ‘Black Swan Strategy Paper’ and the project manager for ‘Blue Security’, a joint DSI-La Trobe Asia-Griffith Asia Institute-UNSW project which focuses on issues of maritime security in the Indo-Pacific.

Troy’s PhD research was undertaken at the University of Western Australia and his dissertation titled ‘The Rise and Strategic Significance of the Indo-Pacific’ analysed the emergence and significance of the new regional construct.

Before joining UWA, Troy completed a MA in International Affairs at Murdoch University’s Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs in 2014, with a thesis examining the Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands dispute between Japan and China. Troy has authored several journal papers with a focus on security issues in the Indo-Pacific, regionalism and maritime security. His research interests include the Indo-Pacific, India, Japan, maritime security, regionalism and climate change.