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The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a university-based research centre, dedicated to the rigorous analysis of American foreign policy, economics, politics and culture. The Centre is a national resource, that builds Australia’s awareness of the dynamics shaping America — and critically — their implications for Australia.

Simon Jackman

US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman says the sanctions President Joe Biden has placed against Russia are a big contrast to the Trump administration. Jackman told Sky News that the Trump administration was...

16 April 2021
Charles Edel

War on the Rocks podcast Net Assessment discuss USSC senior fellow Charles Edel and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Professor Hal Brand's new article “A Grand Strategy of Democratic Solidarity.” Is...

16 April 2021
Jared Mondschein

The Australian Financial Review reports that the Morrison government is yet to confirm whether Australia will follow the US and withdraw its final troops from Afghanistan two decades after the September 11, 2001...

14 April 2021
Bruce Wolpe

US President Joe Biden says all US troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, this year. It'll mark the 20th anniversary of the Al Qaida terror attacks on American soil. USSC...

14 April 2021
Ashley Townshend

USSC director of foreign policy and defence Ashley Townshend is quoted in this Herald Sun article.

13 April 2021
Simon Jackman

President Joe Biden’s expansion of infrastructure spending is one of the “more radical” domestic spending proposals in a long time, according to USSC CEO Simon Jackman. “Biden is perhaps using the COVID crisis...

12 April 2021
Stephen Kirchner

US President Joe Biden has declared that his Administration's infrastructure plan will create 19 million jobs. But it comes with a hefty price tag of just under two trillion US dollars over eight...

8 April 2021
Stephen Kirchner

USSC director of trade and investment Stephen Kirchner is quoted in this article published by The Sydney Morning Herald.

7 April 2021
Stephen Kirchner

USSC director of trade and investment Stephen Kirchner is quoted in this South China Morning Post article.

6 April 2021
Simon Jackman

The murder trial of Derek Chauvin is “highlighting a number of poignant issues” in America as the defence is set to make its case, according to US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman.


2 April 2021
Simon Jackman

US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman says former president Donald Trump’s hints at running for re-election in 2024 are “not surprising” but mainly for the Trump brand.

“He’s going to tease like that...

2 April 2021
Simon Jackman

There could be “more coronavirus than they’re seeing” in the United States as testing has dropped amid the vaccine rollout, says US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman. Jackman said the focus on the...

2 April 2021
Gorana Grgic

Will the 46th president reassert the United States’ presence in the global arena, or will internal challenges stifle his policy agenda? In this Defence Connect article, Charbel Kadib quotes USSC lecturer Gorana Grgic.

25 March 2021
David Smith

The pro-gun lobby had called on members to "celebrate" a ban being struck down in Boulder just a week before a mass shooting which killed 10 people in the city, reports SBS News...

24 March 2021
Simon Jackman

President Joe Biden has a crisis on his hands and there is a “plausible case that this one is on them” as the US-Mexico border crisis worsens, according to US Studies Centre CEO...

22 March 2021
Elliott Brennan

Donald Trump’s presidency may be well and truly over but the fake news and conspiracy theories that dominated it are now roiling Joe Biden’s first months in office, reports The New Daily. The...

20 March 2021

The Guardian reports that Australia is the worst performer on a list of the world’s 50 largest economies for “green recovery” spending to kickstart economic growth after the Covid pandemic, according to research...

19 March 2021
Simon Jackman

China is accusing the United States of being in no position to criticise them on their human rights record – calling them deeply hypocritical, saying human rights in America are at a low...

19 March 2021
Jennifer Hunt

Russia has recalled its United States ambassador after a damning US intelligence report that accuses the Kremlin of interference with the 2020 election. It marks a recent low in relations between Moscow and...

18 March 2021

Today, the United States Studies Centre (USSC) and Perth USAsia Centre have released their inaugural annual report: State of the United States: An evolving alliance agenda.

The flagship report explores critical questions...

16 March 2021