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The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a university-based research centre, dedicated to the rigorous analysis of American foreign policy, economics, politics and culture. The Centre is a national resource, that builds Australia’s awareness of the dynamics shaping America — and critically — their implications for Australia.

The Indian Express mentions USSC research on rare earths in this article.

12 December 2019
Brendon O'Connor

House Democrats have unveiled two articles of impeachment, which claim the President Donald Trump "ignored and injured the interests of the nation" when he asked the Government of Ukraine for assistance in next...

11 December 2019
Mia Love

USSC non-resident fellow Mia Love is interviewed for this article published by The Sydney Morning Herald.

7 December 2019
Simon Jackman

The panel leading the inquiry on Donald Trump's impeachment has concluded that the evidence of misconduct by the President is "overwhelming".

A report from the House Intelligence Committee accused Mr Trump of trying...

4 December 2019
Megan H. MacKenzie

USSC non-resident fellow Megan MacKenzie is quoted in this report by the Sydney Morning Herald.

29 November 2019

Defence Connect reports on new research from the USSC that calls on Australia’s defence and export leaders to step up their engagement with US Congress in order to strongarm the US’ National Technology and Industrial...

27 November 2019
Brendan Thomas-Noone

Australia’s competitive military advantage in the Indo-Pacific region is under threat over US inaction on improving defence partnerships, as China’s spending on research and technology development is set to match the combined expenditure...

25 November 2019
James Brown

In this Sky News interview, USSC non-resident fellow James Brown says the Republican defence on the second week of impeachment hearings has been a "muddled" performance.

22 November 2019
Gorana Grgic

Damning evidence against President Donald Trump at the public hearings makes it likely the Democrats will get their impeachment vote in the House. They don't however have the numbers in the Senate to...

22 November 2019
Bruce Wolpe

USSC non-resident senior fellow Bruce Wolpe is quoted in this report published by The Daily Telegraph.

22 November 2019
David Smith

Senior Lecturer in American Politics David Smith is interviewed by Triple J's Hack program about the latest from the presidential impeachment hearings.

21 November 2019
Bruce Wolpe

The divisive nature of US politics is on display today, with Republicans and Democrats having opposite take-outs from evidence given at Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry.

A Trump donor turned diplomat revealed under oath...

21 November 2019
David Smith

Dr David Smith speaks with SBS's The Feed about the Student Religious Liberties Act – the latest in a long line of accommodations for religion in US public school curricula.

16 November 2019

This article published by Sputnik quotes the USSC report, Averting crisis.

14 November 2019

Former head of the Defence and Foreign Affairs and Trade departments, Dennis Richardson, has set the cat among the pigeons, calling on Australia and the Royal Australian Navy in particular to take the fight...

12 November 2019

The Australian Financial Review reports on the release of the USSC's research brief looking at nuclear deterrence and the US-Australia alliance.

7 November 2019

This article published by The Australian refers to a USSC report finding America “no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is ­increasingly...

2 November 2019 references Foreign Minister Marise Payne's speech to the United States Studies Centre.

1 November 2019

Yahoo! News reports on Foreign Minister Marise Payne's speech to the United States Studies Centre.

31 October 2019
Stephen Kirchner

USSC director of trade and investment Stephen Kirchner is quoted in this article published by the Australian Financial Review.

31 October 2019