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The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a university-based research centre, dedicated to the rigorous analysis of American foreign policy, economics, politics and culture. The Centre is a national resource, that builds Australia’s awareness of the dynamics shaping America — and critically — their implications for Australia.

Brendon O'Connor

USSC associate professor Brendon O'Connor is quoted in this ABC News article.

15 January 2021
Jared Mondschein

Ten Republican members of Congress broke party ranks to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment, including several who had not previously said they would do so. The Daily Telegraph quotes USSC senior research fellow...

14 January 2021
Jennifer Hunt

232 members of the US House of Representatives including 10 Republicans have voted to impeach the outgoing US president Donald Trump. The vote came after a timed debate in which some of Mr...

14 January 2021
Claire McFarland

America’s tech giants face a challenging year ahead, and it’s not just about halting conspiracies and controversial voices, reports The Daily Telegraph. The article quotes USSC honorary associate Claire McFarland.

13 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

In this article Bruce Wolpe, a non-resident senior fellow at the US Studies Centre, is quoted saying that he believes President Trump has been damaged by last week’s riot in Washington DC.

12 January 2021
Brendon O'Connor

In the waning days of Donald Trump's presidency, American authorities are bracing for more potentially widespread violence. In this report on ABC's PM program, USSC Associate Professor in US Politics Brendon O'Connor is...

12 January 2021
Brendon O'Connor

With calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment intensifying, so are fears about what the US president will do to cling on to the most powerful office in the world, reports Yahoo! News. The article...

11 January 2021
David Smith

Experts have warned that the Pro-Trump Capitol riots are just the start for the US, reports The article quotes USSC associate professor in US politics David Smith.

10 January 2021
Elliott Brennan

USSC research associate Elliott Brennan is quoted by The Canberra Times.

9 January 2021
Harry Melkonian

A growing number of rioters who stormed the Capitol building have been identified online, largely after posting videos and photos of their involvement, but it remains unclear what charges, if any, they will...

9 January 2021
Elliott Brennan

Social media platforms have taken their strongest action yet against Donald Trump, reports The Daily Telegraph. The article quotes USSC research associate Elliott Brennan.

8 January 2021
Jared Mondschein

USSC senior research fellow Jared Mondschein is quoted by The Daily Telegraph.

8 January 2021
Brendon O'Connor

USSC associate professor in US politics Brendon O'Connor is quoted by Yahoo! News.

7 January 2021
Elliott Brennan quotes USSC research associate Elliott Brennan about regulation of the social media industry.

1 January 2021
Stephen Kirchner

The Australian refers to research by USSC trade and investment director Stephen Kirchner.

26 December 2020

The Market Herald refers to polling published by USSC that revealed that almost every demographic and political group in Australia would have voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the November...

23 December 2020
Lesley Russell quotes USSC non-resident fellow Lesley Russell in this article.

19 December 2020
Ashley Townshend

US President-elect Joe Biden has called his pick for defense secretary, retired Central Command chief Gen. Lloyd Austin, a “trailblazing leader” with “deep experience … in critical Pentagon roles.” But there were two...

9 December 2020
Ashley Townshend, Brendan Thomas-Noone

There can be no doubt, President Donald Trump’s transactional approach to alliances forced the hands of many who had long been seen to take advantage of the US. This push towards greater allied...

2 December 2020
Stephen Kirchner reports that the dramatic escalation of tension between Australia and China this week has raised questions about what China’s endgame is. The article quotes USSC director of trade and investment Stephen Kirchner.

2 December 2020