15 April

Anti-vaccination loophole for Christian Scientists

ABC Radio PM

David Smith

Anti-vaccination activists are trying to use a religious loophole granted to Christian Scientsts to escape new rules that would cut off their childcare and family assistance benefits. Lecturer David Smith looks at the small religion, whose origins lie in the United States.


28 April

Night-time Design: Envisioning Luminous Cities

The University of Sydney

Leni Schwendinger

Leni Schwendinger is a lighting designer with expertise in the illumination of architectural and public spaces around the world. She will present her creative illuminated environments, ones that highlight infrastructure and neglected spaces – opening up fresh ideas for local districts.

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15 April

Terrorism to be fought in cyberspace

ABC RN Breakfast


The massive hack of Sony Pictures last year has put cyberterrorism on the public radar and was the catalyst for President Obama to put cyber security at the top of his 2015 agenda. Former US Ambassador to Australia and Centre visiting professor Jeffrey Bleich discusses the way forward for Australia and the US.


1 - 16 May

Grounded: a play by George Brant

Seymour Centre


The Centre, in collaboration with Red Stitch presents Grounded by George Brant at the Seymour Centre. Coming to Sydney from Melbourne, Grounded has just been nominated for 5 Victorian Green Room awards (including best theatre of 2014). It was also nominated by the Guardian and the London Standard as one of the top 10 plays of 2013.

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Tom Switzer

Clinton's announcement won't silence critics

Research associate Tom Switzer discusses former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's announcement that she is entering the 2016 presidential race and the lingering doubts about her intergrity that remain after Benghazi and her latest email controversy.

Malcolm Jorgensen

Building bridges to Asia

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has thrown her support behind China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. With the US increasingly isolated in their opposition to the AIIB, lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen says participation is in Australia's interest.


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