30 March

The history behind Kendrick Lamar

FBi Radio

Kendrick Lamar

US hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar's latest album To Pimp A Butterfly is rich in musical, cultural, and social history. Lecturer Rebecca Sheehan looks at the samples and lyrics that point to the complex diaspora of black cultures in the US and how Lamar re-interprets this history.


14 April

Bringing Order to Cyber's Wild Wild West

University of Sydney


Fresh from President Obama’s Cyber Security Summit at Stanford University, former US Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich, will discuss the security and privacy challenges facing internet users, and how the United States plans to address them.

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28 March

Unpacking the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Saturday Paper

James Brown

A corporate coup against people and planet or an unprecedented opportunity to bring increased prosperity and productivity to nearly a billion people? Alliance 21 director James Brown looks at the arguments for and against a trade deal between the US, Australia, and much of Asia.


16 April

An Evening with George Takei

Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney


The Centre and Sydney Ideas at the University of Sydney are pleased to invite you to a special presentation with George Takei, actor, author, social justice activist, and social media mega-power. The man best known for his portrayal of Mr Sulu in the acclaimed television and film series Star Trek, as he reflects on his life, work and personal history.

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Tom Switzer

Iran negotiations still playing out

With Iranian nuclear talks continuing in Lausanne, Switzerland, research associate Tom Switzer discusses the latest. How close are the major powers to striking a deal and what is the US looking to gain?

Brendon O'Connor

2016 presidential race kicks off

More than a year and a half before the 2016 US presidential elections, the first major figure from either party has leapt into the race. Associate professor Brendon O'Connor talks about the potential field.


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