26 February

The legacy of George W. Bush

Radio National Between the Lines


How will history remember the presidency of George W. Bush? Author and historian James Mann speaks to research associate Tom Switzer, arguing that the verdict won’t be favourable, given most of his far-reaching and important initiatives turned out disastrously.


6 March

The Role of the United States in Asia-Pacific Security

Institute Lecture Theatre 1, University of Sydney

Rose Gottemoeller

President Obama has made engagement in the Asia-Pacific a strategic priority for the United States. Rose Gottemoeller, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security will discuss the US rebalance to Asia and its efforts to further strengthen the security in the region.

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19 February

The new special relationship

Foreign Affairs

Alliance 21

The intensified US–Australian relationship in recent years has attracted little congressional attention and awareness among the American public. Nevertheless, CEO Bates Gill and research associate Tom Switzer say Australia now figures more prominently in US foreign policy than at any time since the Second World War.


12 March

Comedy and Morality: Satire, Censorship and Dirty Words

Boardroom, United States Studies Centre


What’s the relationship between comedy and morality? Is there one? Should there be? This free event featuring David Misch will explore these questions by examining satire, taboos, and censorship. Misch’s talk and the ensuing discussion will be a taster of the new American Studies undergraduate unit of study, Stand Up USA: American Comedy and Humour.

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Brendon O'Connor

War of ideas in the Middle East

Associate professor Brendon O'Connor analyses the latest foreign policy speech by Barack Obama, contrasting it with Republican Jeb Bush's tough talk on the Islamic State extremists.

Tom Switzer

Obama asks Congress for war powers

US President Barack Obama has asked Congress to back a global war against the Islamic State group, but with caveats on sending in US ground forces. Research associate Tom Switzer looks at the motivation for seeking this authorisation



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