17 June 

Australian elections a bore next to US

Associated Press


Centre CEO Simon Jackman discusses how the Australian campaign compares to the United States and why election fatigue is already setting in.


23 June

Circus Maximus: The 2016 Presidential Race

United States Studies Centre

Election Watch

Join us for an in-depth conversation with leading US political analyst, Bill Schneider. He will speak with USSC CEO Simon Jackman about the 2016 presidential race and how we got to the current state of US politics.

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13 June

A world of questions after Orlando mass shooting

ABC Radio National Drive


Following the worst mass shooting in United States history, senior lecturer David Smith discusses the political reaction and the likely action (or lack thereof) to be taken by lawmakers.


Semester 2

There's no better time to learn about the US

United States Studies Centre

Institute Building

With the US elections just months away there's no better time to learn about the United States! Enrol now for semester two undergraduate and postgraduate study at the US Studies Centre.

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Simon Jackman

About the US Studies Centre

Made for the 2016 American Australian Association Gala Dinner, Centre CEO Simon Jackman explains the Centres wide range of teaching, research, study abroad and outreach activities.

James Brown

Why do we go to war?

Research director James Brown discusses his Quarterly Essay looking at the reasoning behind sending troops to war.

Nicole Hemmer

Taking action after Orlando

Research associate Nicole Hemmer discusses homophobia, terrorism and American gun laws in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando.

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