23 November

Trump tramples polite politics

The Sydney Morning Herald

Donald Trump

When the camera is on, there is a politeness to American political life that hides the contempt most politicians feel towards their opponents. And then there is Donald Trump, writes Brendon O'Connor.


1 December

Investing in women

Holme Building, University of Sydney

Mary Ellen Iskenderian

Join Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women’s World Banking, New York, as she discusses why organisations and societies must invest to increase participation of women in the workforce.

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20 November

Paris attacks have changed the presidential race

ABC The Drum

Ted Cruz

The attacks in Paris last week have put foreign policy front and centre in the race for the White House, and may see a dramatic shift in the fortunes of the frontrunners, writes John Barron.


30 November

Apply now to study in 2016

University of Sydney

Institute Building

Australian students who undertake the Master of United States Studies at the University of Sydney may be eligible for a scholarship worth up to $20,000.

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Gorana Grgic

Why Obama reversed his stance on Syria

Lecturer Gorana Grgic explains why President Barack Obama changed his tune and announced US troops in Syria.

Omar Offendum

Bridging the Arab-American divide through hip-hop

Centre guest Omar Offendum is a Syrian-American hip-hop artist who uses his music to explore cultural identity and politics in the Middle East.

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