Week 1: American political culture (I): Americanism, immigration and regionalism

Lecture recording


Lecture notes

Tutorial readings

Required readings:

  • Brendon O'Connor, “The ideology of American Exceptionalism” (Conference paper for the “Great Divide Conference, Munich 2015, Available on Blackboard).
  • Peter Beinart, “Trump, Sanders and the War over American Exceptionalism,” Atlantic, 11 February, 2016.
  • Seymour Martin Lipset, “Still the exceptional nation?” Wilson Quarterly, Winter 2000.
  • MAP List of major sources of immigrants.


  • James Morone and Rogan Kersh, By the People, Oxford University Press, chapter 1. (Textbook).
  • Peter Beinart, “The End of American Exceptionalism” National Journal, February 3, 2014.